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Riding in the morning

RiverRun _640_1

Rare – empty roads in Singapore.

Today P and I rode our bikes out to the stadium for a quick morning run.

While the run was enjoyable, the highlight was really the ride out – a cool breeze and traffic-free roads.

In a tiny country with 5.5 million people, this is rare, which is why most cyclists (myself included) usually start between 4 and 6 am.

Our run route took us from the Stadium, through some water-front housing and all the way to the Gardens.

RiverRun _640_2

Fancy water front housing. No, we don’t live there.

While the ride back wasn’t so enjoyable as we had to pass a school (road-raged parents driving SUV’s to get kids to school on time), the way out represented everything enjoyable about motorcycling to me.

Enjoy the photos.