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How to lose 1.3 kg from your KTM Duke 125 for free

KTM 125 DUKE  2011

Add lightness to improve performance [via]

Coming from a cycling background, I value the importance of reducing weight from my bike.
That’s a reason why I chose the Duke, for it’s light weight.

The are numerous benefits in weight reduction, such as

  • an increase in power-to-weight ratio,
  • reduced stress on brakes and and
  • better handling

As a bit of a weight-weeinie, I’m always looking for ways to reduce weight and recently found out how to lose 1.3 kg from the KTM Duke 125 for free.   Let me share my findings with you.

Lose the tool kit

Believe it or not, the small tool kit from my Duke weighs 600 gm!  That’s like carrying an additional Lithium-Iron Phosphate (LFP) battery on your bike!

Of course, I can afford to keep my tool kit at home only because I use the bike as a commuter in the city.  In case of a break-down, a phone call would let the tow-truck locate me in 45 mins max.

I wouldn’t do the same if I did touring or needed to pass remote places frequently.

KTM tool kit

KTM tool kit – heavier than you think

Remove the grab handles

Now if you usually ride without a pillion, this is another great way to lose dead weight located high on your bike – by removing the grab handles.  These metal chunks weigh almost 700 gms.

grab handles

Grab handles – almost 700 gm

Ok, there are some disadvantages when you do this, firstly, you would have to either carry your backpack on your back or use some form of strap-on luggage like the Kriega.

Secondly, after you replace the seat, you will notice that the notch in the seat exposes the bolt holes of the grab handles which is rather ugly.

So, isn’t this a great time to think about the single-seat conversion? ;)

What other cost effective weight saving methods do you have for your bike? Comments below!