KTM Adventure 1190 Link Summary

KTM 1190 Adventure

KTM 1190 Adventure

With the KTM 1190 Adventure getting good reviews on the motorcycle sites (here and here), it’s safe to say the bike’s launch has been a success.

It has gotten a lot of coverage and this has resulted in many articles floating around, so I’ve tried to gather and categorise them into one place for easier reading and reference.

Enjoy what I’ve put together and please share this KTM Adventure 1190 link summary page with anyone who might be interested in buying the bike! ;)

Ride Reviews

Here is a collection of the ride reviews by the motorcycle sites that I usually frequent.

Key points about written about the Adventure 1190 are an agile chassis, great power–to-weight ratio, effective (read: unobtrusive) electronics and aggressive looks.

All good then.

Visor Down (detailed ride review)

Motorcyclistonline (detailed ride review)

Cycleworld (detailed ride review)

Motorcyclenews (video only)

Hellforleather (video only)

Motorcyclenews (brief write up)

Differences between Adventure and Adventure R

Visordown go one step further and write a great one-pager explaining the differences between the Adventure and the Adventure R.

Basically, the R is more off-road focused compared to the non-R model.   So what do you get for the R model?

Bigger wheels,  longer suspension travel, a higher seat, lighter weight and crash bars as standard.  Oh, and it’s also more expensive by £600.

Differences between the Adventure and the Adventure R by VisorDown

Launch articles

The KTM blog gave a great very detailed look into the launch that took place in Tenerife, Spain from 28 Jan to 8 Feb.  All the first-ride reviews you read above were probably experienced here!

Day 1 : KTM communications manager Thomas Kuttruf arrives ahead of the journalists for prep.

Day 2 : Thomas scouts Tenerife and rides the routes ahead of time.

Day 3 : Day before launch. KTM staff set up the press area.

Day 4 : Start of launch and journalists and other KTM staff arrive.

Day 5 : 1st day of riding. SportmotorradmagazinMotorcyclist and Cycle World give first impressions of the bike.
(All good feedback expectedly! haha)

Day 6 : 3 time Dakar winner Marc Coma joins the party!

Day 7 : Thomas leads a fast group including Marc out on the roads. More first impression quotes.

Day 8 :  Detailed interview of Simon Weir (RiDE magazine) posted.

Day 9 : Third group of journalists ride the bike.  Questions regarding bike development answered. FYI, it took 130,000 man-hours to build.

Day 10 : Final riding day.  5 time Dakar winner Cyril Despres on site!

Day 11 : An hour-by-hour (6:30 am to 1:19 am!!) peek into a typical day at the launch. Hectic is the word.

Day 12 :  Final day on Tenerife. All KTM personnel involved are listed (18 in total)

Pre-launch articles and videos (late 2012)

These are a collection of the videos and pre-launch articles when the bike was first introduced to public in late 2012.

If you’re going to buy the bike, watch and re-read to convince yourself that you have made the right decision to buy. Ha ha.

Video : Worth watching because the MCN guys actually rode a P3 late prototype bike BEFORE the official launch.

Video : Official KTM video (cheesy soundtrack though)

Video : KTM launch the bike at Intermot 2012

Video : Lots of close-up video shots taken of the Adventure R at a bike expo. (Guy doesn’t sound very convincing though, he says ‘big bore adventure bike’)

Pre-launch articles



mcnews (Australia)

Hope you enjoyed the summary. If you did, leave a comment and feedback!


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