The Duke (Analog Motorcycles)

Earlier this week I looked back at the development history of the KTM 990 Super Duke.

Search the web and you’ll quickly realise what the moto-journos think about the Super Duke (it’s good), but when a custom builder uses it as his personal daily ride, it lends extra credibility to how good the bike actually is.

Motorcycle Artists

Based in Illinois,  Analog Motorcycles was started five years ago in 2009.  While that may not sound like a long time,  founder Tony Prust has actually been building bikes for the past 15 yrs.  In the short time they have been around, they have done everything from simple accessory installs to full custom builds.

It seems that nothing is too technical for the guys in Gurnee as they are able to perform specific metal fabrication to powder coating parts or even a complete restoration job for a vintage.   They often lavish plenty of care and detailing on their projects, and it shows, with a typical project for them taking between 8 and 20 weeks.

Clearly for Analog, the design and build process is a labour of love and with builds like this, it’s hard to argue otherwise.


1974 Kawasaki KZ400

The Duke

Like the best chef’s who crave for a simple dinner after creating complex dishes for their customers all day, the design touches on Tony’s 2007 Super Duke are mostly subtle, unlike the full custom jobs he is so used to performing for clients.

He says ‘Though it is not a full custom it’s still special to me.’  It sure looks pretty sweet to me.



2007 was the year that KTM gave the 990 Super Duke its first improvements since the introduction in 2005.  These were designed to make the bike more responsive and usable.

Steering angle was reduced and fuel tank capacity was increased from 15 to 18.5 litres.  These changes served to give the bike sharper handling and also increased the impractically short range of the 2005 model.

To further improve usability, the EFI was re-mapped to improve throttle response across the rev range.  Radial brake calipers and new clocks were also added.

KTM 990 Super Duke Orange (2007)

KTM 990 Super Duke Orange (2007)

Analog Touches

To personalise his bike visually, Tony powder coated specific parts of his Super Duke and gave the fairing panels a white paint job.  From the photos, (I guess) the black powder coating was applied to the swing arm and rear sets, letting them match the frame and giving a look similar to the Super Duke R.

He also removed the back foot pegs. (You’ll know I like anything that lightens the bike)


Powder coated swing arms and Termignoni exhausts

To add go, a Moto Hooligan air intake,  smaller secondary butterflies, and a 520 chain kit were added.  Tony also installed a SAS (Secondary Air System) to ensure all uncombusted fuel is burnt, likely for emissions purposes.

Enough of the details already, I’ll let his photos speak for themselves.  Enjoy.



Comments and thoughts below please! :)


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