KTM Super Duke R Custom

KTM Super Duke R Custom

The SuperSpinne

You know how some bikes look good, but you’ve seen others like them?  Pretty but slightly boring, just like this.

Then there are bikes that split opinion, provoke the senses and make you either love or hate them due to their sheer originality.  The ‘SuperSpinne’ by Dugally MADercycles is one of those.

KTM Super Duke R Custom

Love it or hate it, it’s 100% original

Even though it’s based on the KTM Super Duke R,  you couldn’t tell if not for the trademark orange chassis – likely a nod to it’s previous life.

The Super Duke R is KTM’s  interpretation of the naked street fighter.   Released in 2009, it had a 1000 cc V-twin mounted on a tubular space frame putting out 130 Hp .  At just 186 kg dry with very angular (almost too, in my opinion) lines, it was definitely an uncompromising model.

Dugally MADercycles took this already very aggressive bike, stripped out the body work and replaced them with all carbon fibre panels.  The exhaust was then chopped down for that full custom look.

KTM Super Duke R Custom

Custom chopped exhaust

There are other really innovative touches.  The seat is made of a series of closely spaced rubber panels which look like they provide firm support but also great ventilation.  To make way for the distinctive headlamps, the clocks are moved back and mounted on the tank, clad in carbon fibre.

KTM Super Duke R Custom

Innovative single seat

KTM Super Duke R Custom

Clocks moved back and clad in carbon fibre

They  describe it as a ‘pissed off mix of materials and power’.  Looking like the love child of a Super Duke and Jar Jar Binks, I would certainly agree.

Dissen berry berry bad indeed.

Jar Jar Binks

Dissen berry berry bad [via]


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