KTM RC4 690 R (You read it correctly)

KTM RC4 690

KTM RC4 690

You’ve got to hand it to the Germans, they’re the best when it comes to Engineering.  I came across this site – mototech.de – and saw what appeared to be a RC8R on the front page.

On closer inspection, I noticed 690 on the rear fairing.  Turns out these guys converted a Duke 690 to a full on road bike!

Before you think that it’s a fairing job – and it looks SUPER even it was just that – think again, these guys added a lot of go to go (pun intended) with the show.  The kit includes ram air pipes, a bubble screen and a redesigned fuel tank (!!!).

How much? That’s 8088 Singapore dollars for you. German engineering doesn’t come cheap..

What do you think of the RC4R? Comments below!


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