The Late Starter

KTM Duke 125

I’m a late starter to motor biking, and got my licence at the ripe old age of 37.

In Singapore the process to get a motorbike licence is pretty tedious , with riders having to take 3 separate classes (2B, 2A and 2) over a period of 3 years before being allowed to ride a bike over 400 cc.

As a Class 2B rider (up to 200 cc),  I’m currently riding a KTM Duke 125.  I decided to buy ‘The Duke’ way before I got my licence, it was straight up the best looking 2B bike around.  Why?

light weight

– great design

After only riding this bike for 4 mths, I’m a FAN – hence the name – of the brand but also motorcycling in general. Im poring over every issue of Bike, Fastbikes and Performance Bikes to learn as much as I can.

As a designer with an Engineering background, it won’t be long before I start modding my bike, so I decided to start this blog to share my projects, cockups, ideas and writings with  the KTM and motorcycling community.

Check back soon and follow me here as well!



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  2. eightbassein

    I thought I was a late-starter too!! I got my 2B at age 36! But you know what, late-starters ride safer! Gunning for my 2A in March. Totally different ball game; the testers emphasize form and accuracy. You’ll know what I mean when you do your 2A test. Ride safe, bro! :-D

    • KTM Mad

      Hey Darren,

      Yea I agree, I guess we are more aware of the accidents that could happen. Being a cyclist like you definitely increases the awareness as well! Good luck for your 2A! What bike are you riding now? :)

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